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Date: September 6th 1943
Ern & Hilda
Ern\'s Mother

September 6, 1943

48 Massingham Road
Norwich, England

My Dears Ern and Hilda:

Just a line to say that Harry had been here on an 8-day leave and left this morning. I went to station and saw him off at 8:25 AM. He seemed to have had a very nice time. He sure deserves it, bless his heart! He hopes to be coming again in about another five weeks time (God willing).

Now Hilda dear, I do thank you for the stationery you so kindly sent and it sure comes in handy - its' hard to get. I mean it's not easy to just pop in any shop and get what we want, but we have so much to be thankful for.

We are wondering if Ruth is home from Vancouver or is she staying on. I have not heard from Mae since Ruth had been there. The last I had, they were expecting her. Harry thinks she's home again.

I know Ern you are feeling very anxious about Harry. So are we. I know you remember him in your prayers as we do. Oh how thankful we shall be when this war is over. I think it cannot last much longer at the rate we are going on. I'm not writing more now, I'm looking for a letter from you.

Much love from Dad and your ever loving Mother.

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