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Date: December 16th 1943
Ern\'s Mother & Father

December 16, 1943

My Dear Hilda:

Thank you for your nice letter. Your letters are always welcome.

You did not mention how your health is. I hope you're feeling better. I know your heart aches at times, especially since you had sad news of Harry, and then your own boys being away. It seems that every family has been touched by this terrible war. Yes, I can imagine just how you felt when you got that telegram. It was a terrible shock to me. I liked to have dear Harry here on his leaves, and he said, "it was like having a brother." We miss his brother Chas.

I do like to hear about Billy and Betty, bless their hearts. How I would love to see them. They are a blessing to you I know. It's a good thing you have them. Harry always spoke well of them, and used to tell us how cute they are and how Betty looked after Billy. I expect they love to have their daddy home, eh? Yes, I can imagine you having winter now. I'm thinking you'll feel very lonesome when Ern goes to Ottawa again. I guess he'd like you with him. I expect you'll have Bobby home for the next year.

We shall be quiet at Christmas. Just us four. It seems everyone likes being at their own homes and it's not nice to go out, it's so dark after blackout. Dad and I have not been out after the blackout ever since the war. Sometimes the evenings get monotonous night after night. Now that the news is looking better, we hope not to have another winter's blackout.

Now dear, I must close. Do write again Hilda please when you have a few minutes to spare. We love to hear from you all. Dad sends much love to you and big kisses for Billy and Betty.

With love from a loving Mother and Dad.