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Date: January 23rd 1944
Ern & Hilda
Ern\'s Mother & Father

January 23, 1944

48 Massingham Road
Norwich, England

My Dears:

You see I have received answers from the two English boys next-of-kin who were in our dear Harry's crew. They are not very comforting are they, but they sound to be hoping for good news of their loved ones. I cannot make out why the Canadian Red Cross have not informed me as they said they would do as soon as they got any information through. Perhaps the RAF get theirs through first of course. I know it takes longer for the news to get to you. I cannot write much this time. I've been feeling sad today. We must hope for the best and pray and have patience. I try to keep looking on the bright side. I pray you may not feel too upset. I wonder if you have heard anything yet. I pray you are bearing up. I know how you feel.

Much love from Mother and Dad.