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Date: December 1940

Dec 1940
Vancouver B.C.
3457 W. 35.

Dear Newton,
Say old boy I am one up on you in letters, so get busy and do it. Tell me about all is going along. How are the girl friends going along? [?] cause if you haven't got one come here and I will get you one. Eric is writing a letter to Bobby D. and while he is doing it he is doing a lot of belly-aching. I hope you can come and see us in Feb., Aunt Zelda brought a big picture of you and a lot of other boys we noticed you in the second row from the top, you looked very nice too. We have a nice fire going in the fire-place to-day.

We have a [?] furnace and when it goes out we have an awful time lighting it again to. 3457 W.35 is our address.

Well Cherry Oh.
Love Traer.

P.S. I guess I have a few masstakes in the letter so please excuse them.