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Date: February 9th 1941

Feb 9 1941
3457 W.35 Av.

Dear Newton,

Your very nice letter recieved, and thank you so much for the dollar bill.

Also, as you said, to take my brother & sister to a show. I did it.

Just half, for we went to see GONE WITH THE WIND which was a very nice picture; that is why it is partly done, as you see Louise couldn't come. I had a very nice birthday also. These are the things I got, a cammra, a pencil that writes in the dark for a light goes on when you turn the arasser, a book of Wild animals, a dollar from Aunt Win and a pair of shoes from Mother. We had a nice choclat cake, you know, double layer, and oh yes! I got this stationery from Eric, which is very useful. Zelda Mae and her bow, Cliff, came up from Bellingham, and came to my party. They gave me the pencil with the light on it, I am writing with it now. I have [?] a library, which is only a mile or so from us. Well I guess I have told you everything now, So Cherrio

Yours Sincerely

We all send our kindness love, and we hope that you like Winnipeg, inspite of the cold.