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Date: February 12th 1941

Feb 12, 1941
#5 A.O.S. - R.C.A.F.
Winnipeg Man.
Feb. 12/41

Dear Mom,
Your last letter just caught up to me from the pool & the sweater arrived a day or so ago. We just returned from a stores parade to the Equipment Depot in town here & I managed to get a new tunic to go with my 2nd trousers, new boots, sox, shirts etc. At the moment I'm in one of the classrooms catching up in a few notes. I don't think I've ever had so much work to do in so short a time before - they just keep us plugging all the time. 7 solid hours of class a day & a couple of hours of films on meteorology or navigation at night. We made our first flip on Sunday covering about 300 miles in about 2 ½ hours. The snap was taken by a Sgt. photographer & shows the pilot upper left with my co-navigator beside him who checks my reports & hands them to the pilot. Behind him is another Sgt. photographer holding a regulation aerial reconnaissance camera & beside him at the desk sits yours truly trying hard not to lose us. Was a very warm day so I didn't bother wearing my helmet or flying boots.

I gave Zelle my photos in Toronto as I had no way of packing them safely to be expressed. She may stop off in Winnipeg on her return trip if she got my letter at the Windsor Hotel in Montreal. Ev was in town last Mondat seeing some friends on guard across the road from our school however neither of us knew we were within a thousand miles of each other at the time. He writes & tells me that Harry Barber is on guard duty with him at the Carberry & that the R.C.A.F boys don't seem to get along so well with the R.A.F. fellows, some fun!

That house you mention certainly sounds great especially with tones at $35 per & on a corner as well. I'm really mighty pleased to hear that both they boys are doing so well - tell them to keep it up You mentioned something about a new report card but apparently forgot to enclose the slip of paper you spoke about.

It looks at tho I came home at the wrong time. I certainly would like to see the Duchess now—a real killer diller I'll bet! That certainly was a pretty stiff medical bill—but I still think it was worth get "Weesie" on her feet again. By the way__ I guess you can forget about that watch I spoked for I can really get along with out it.

I'm glad to hear you are stepping out again & having a good time and I don't doubt you knocked them all for loop. You had the Queen beat a mile.

Write soon let me hear all about the new house & everything.

Lots of love,

XOXXOX special for the Duchess!