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Date: February 17th 1941

2nd Volume
Limited Edition!

Mon. Feb. 17/41

This was written sometime last week &I just found it in one of my books so I'll try & get it off tonite. If I weren't so lazy I'd probably write it all over again but you know me. Zelle was in town Sat. took me to dinner & a show. Ev has been transferred to Regina I.T.S. & seems to be doing pretty well. If he isn't careful his misconduct sheet will be as long as mine before long. Got letters from Traer and Mom [?] to-day with all the latest. She also sent a box of eats last week which were completely devoured in short order. Traer seems to have changed his style of writing somewhat—very formal & business like which amused me considerably. Tell Eric that if he doesn't get busy and write me I'll be flying out there & dropping a few bombs on him. Mom "C" gave me the address of a friend she wants me to look up but it will be a couple of weeks at least before I get a chance to. The work is coming tougher & in greater quantities all the time & with mid term exams only two weeks or 10 days away I've got a lot of plugging to do.

We had quite a cold snap to-day -18 below & most of the English lads froze their ears [?] badly on parade this morning. I got [?] new uniform issue from the tailors to-day & I almost look respectable again—all dressed up & no place to go—more or less; mostly less! Before I forget, I want you to send me Gramma Water's address So I can drop her a line.

Don't forget to write right away with the latest dope on the Duchess & all.

Loads of love