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Date: May 19th 1941

3457 West 35
Vancouver B.C.
May, 19, 1941

Dear Newton

On Wednesday May 21, Mum, Aunt Ruth, Zelda, Win, are having a party for Ev and some other Air Force lads, I wish you were here for the party. On May 22 we are going to have a blackout in the city. I was picked at school with some other boys to deliver slips of paper to the doors of houses telling about the blackout. On the same day of the blackout our school is having a sports day, and are we going to have fun.

A few day ago Traer and I were the Cowels for dinner, they have about 159 chicks now, and are they cute. Harry Barbar is in the Air Force here in Vancouver and is coming to the party also. Traer and I have a pair of new shoes each. Well that is all for now.

Lots of Love