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Date: 26th 1940

[?] 26/1940
Vancouver B.C.
3457 W.35.

Dear Newton,

Mother and Aunty Zelda are having a big party tonight, Cousin Bill and Irene, Te Dickies, and the Clarks, and Aunt Win, if she comes, and counting Eric and I it will be forteen. We are having it for Mr Clark because he is going to Hong Cong tonight. This Cristmas does not seem like all the others, I really don't know why though! We are all very lonesome for you, very. At Spencers, they had a train that costs ten cents a ride it went through mountains and glaciers and everything. I have a beeny that I wear pretty near all the time, on it are jewels and a Tillicum pin, my red cross badge, and my Explore badge. We go to a nice School, the name of it is Kerrisdale School, and the girls play with boys. It is the same school that Zeda May went to when she was small.

Well Cherry Oh
Lots of Love
Louise sends you a lot of kisses they are „³ xxxx

I forgot to tell you that Aunt Ruth and Eve are coming too