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Date: December 6th 1940

Toronto Ont.
Dec. 6/40
Dear Traer,
Well I guess it's about time I started catching up to you & answering those swell letters of yours. Don't tell me you've got more girlfriends in Vancouver already - goodness - what would Margaret Anne & Shirly & all the others in the Highlands think about you. I'll bet your just an old flirt. I imagine you feel just like high school kids in that new school of yours. Mother tells me you've got to take your lunch I'll bet you enjoy that - or do you.
Have you & Louise seen Santa Claus yet? At a big store here in Toronto they have a huge imitation Santa who laughs & rolls his tummy & is really very amusing. Tell Eric to stop his "bellyaching" & write me occasionally. I hope you boys aren't fighting all the time as you used to do. Don't forget mom needs a lot of help & with you two big strong fellows there things should be much easier for her.
That so called sawdust burner must use up an enormous quantity of sawdust to keep the house warm. How do you boys like the rain instead of snow for winter? I guess you must miss the tobogganing & skiing etc. Is there a roller skating rink near your house or do you roller skate on the streets.
It doesn't look as though I'm going to see you kids this xmas at all. However my first six months will be up soon & I ought to get two weeks off around Feb. With an airforce uniform on we don't need to go away out to Vancouver for girl friends. Since I'm in aircrew I wear a white band in my cap & a propeller badge on my tunic & apparently we really go over big. Every night last week my bunk mate from Nfld., who is also waiting to go to a navigators school, & myself were invited to parties, dances, ice & roller skating and dinner - not bad hey!
Well I hope you or Eric answer this right away & give my love to the Duchess & Everyone.
Your biggest big brother,