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Date: December 17th 1940

[left side of letter is cut off]
Toronto Ont.
Dear mom,
I really enjoyed your [?] every letter - keep them coming. I'll try & keep answering them. Gave Mary & Blanche the kids ages - they want so much to get them something nice for xmas but hardly knew what. This morning I returned from a [?] hr pass which I spent with Pete in Montreal. They were very glad to see me and it seemed just like going home to be able to [?] on a decent mothers. [?] hitch-hiking was rather slow & arrived here three hours late which earned me 7 days confined to barracks & 30 days restricted priveleges or no passes etc. Some fun, & oh yeah! I really doubt now if I can get time enough off to go to the farm for xmas although I should like to very much. The Williams also wanted me to come for xmas however I had to say no.
My last lift into town was with a Mr. & Mrs. Perry & a Mrs. Col. Wilson all great friends of Wing Commander Irwin the C/O of our station. They offered to vouch for the impassable roads but as I shouldn't have been hitch hiking in the first place I didn't mention them to the officer. The two women went to Vic in Edmonton [bottom of page cut off]
Today I received an invitation from them to have xmas dinner at their home in Whitby about 30 miles outside of Toronto. I think I shall accept for otherwise I'll be stuck in barracks all xmas day due to my R.P. & they will speak to the C/O for me.
From Brockville to Kingston, I rode with an executive of the Sun [?] from Ottawa who is head of his company's investment & mortgage dept. The great part of his work is connected with the Nat. Housing Act & he tells me that he is expecting the Act to be discontinued for the duration of the war, except in certain localities where there is a definite housing shortage. You would be very wise to get an application in as soon as possible & take advantage of the loan. There is no doubt about it that the Act is a very good thing however the limit is for $4000 on a single home & nothing on duplexes or apartments etc. I don't just know what your plans are but I thought this bit of information may be of interest to you.
I spent an hour & a half with Herman on Sun. afternoon. He lives alone now since his housekeeper injured her hip on a fall. The latest rumour has it that we are to be transferred in a week or so to Picton Ont. to await our postings. However, it isn't official so my address is still the pool. I'm scheduled for an interview with the trade board this week to put my transfer papers in order. I hope everything is o.k. - it should be. Mrs. Atkinson sent me a box of xmas cake; candy bars, cookies etc. which she made up which I think was very thoughtful of her. I hope I'm here when Ev arrives - I want to see the big lug. I've been addressing a couple of doz. xmas cards - airforce style tonite - hope I haven't forgotten anyone.
Enclosed you'll find that twenty I borrowed - sorry I couldn't return it sooner but it [bottom of page cut off]
I had [?] won't be ready for a while. I had hoped to get them mailed for xmas but they aren't very good anyways. I sold my camera & took a less expensive one in trade which will have to do me.
I wonder if you've been able to read this - I'm writing in bed on a wobbley magazine which provides a partial excuse for the scrawl. It would probably be worse under normal conditions anyways.
Apparently Louise has started to that kindergarten you mentioned. How does she like the Vancouver winters? Does the frost you spoke of mean snow also? That sounds like a pretty classy furnace - no ashes coal etc.
Hoping to hear from you soon.
Love to all,
XXX "Louie da Lug"
P.S. Tell Eric & Traer I'm looking for another letter from them.