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Date: December 22nd 1940

Merry Xmas Kids,
I hope you don't think I've forgotten about you again. No sir! There's not a chance of that. I've been so gosh awful busy in the last week or so I just haven't had the slightest chance to get downtown to the stores & buy gifts. I'll bet you'll have loads of fun when all the Traers etc. get together for their annual conclave. Today we are having our xmas dinner in the barracks but I know it won't be anything like the feeds mom used to prepare.
Tell me - has Ev left Vancouver yet? Mom mentioned that he was leaving for Toronto last week but I've been watching all the recruits as they come in & haven't seen a sign of him yet. I expect he'll stay for xmas in Vancouver.
I suppose Louise is as excited as ever over the prospect of Santa's Arrival. Aunt Mary & Blanche left today to go to the farm for a week & were very disappointed when I couldn't come. We are all afraid that the barracks may be quarantined one of these days, several fellows have contracted scarlet fever, measles or spinal meningitis.
You'll find a dollar a piece enclosed for you boys & I hope you can make use of it. Give the duchess a big kiss for me.
Lots of love,
P.S. How about dropping me a line soon. I'd sure like to hear from you boys.