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Date: October 14th 1940

#2 Squadron,
Flight #6,
Dear Mom,
Well here I am back in Toronto & finally starting some real training, I hope. We arrived last nite on a troop train carrying some 350 prospective air crew, every last one fed up with guard duty. Our barracks are in the stables of the former Eglinton Hunt Club & we are about a 100% improvement over Dartmouth. They are situated quite close to the center of town & have all sorts of recreational facilities such as swimming pools, bowling alleys etc. right in the building.
After dinner at noon to-day we were issued with math texts, notebooks & pencils & sent to our first lectures, just like going back to school. We still get lots of drill, P.T. & parades as school is constantly on show to the public & disciplinary action is very strict. Supper is at 4:30 & our evening hrs. run in three day cycles: first nite we are allowed out until 10:30, on the 2nd nite until 11:59; & on the 3rd nite we are kept on Duty Watch or as sort of emergency guards.
I gave Blanch & May a ring on the phone a few minutes ago but they aren't around. I hope you've had Eric or Trace write to them recently for I know they'd like nothing better. They always ask so many questions about the children whenever I see them.
By putting Eric in gr. VI & Trace in gr. IV, does that mean they have been held back at all? I'm glad to hear that Eric is picking up in his school work, goodness knows he was far enough behind. Trace shouldn't find it so very hard, tell him I think he misses Shirley & all his other girlfriends too much..
How is the house situation shaping up? Are all of you still scattered thru out Vancouver? If the boys are still at Irene's you can send me her address & I can drop them a line. Louise must get awfully lonesome for you & the boys, but I imagine you see her every day. By the way, does Ev still work in Vancouver or is he on the island now?
If Zille hasn't left for the East yet you can tell her to look me up if she comes to Toronto. She really must be busy having to look after that shop all by herself now.

[rest of letter is missing]