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Date: April 2nd 1944

Lt. H.S. Burnard
South Sask Regt.

Sunday 2 Apr 44

Dear Folks-

Rec'd two letters this week and the home Makers Parcel so havn't done to badly. The slips you send me came over in 9 days by ordinary mail which is good. The purpose of them was to give back the income tax I had paid during my stay in Canada as a Lieut. My income in Canada for last year didn't reach the point where it was taxable since I only earned it for 6 months. Had I been getting that pay for 12 months it would have been taxable and the government could have claimed the income tax I paid. It amounts to around $50. so is worth collecting. My bank account hasn't been doing badly because apart from the war bonds which I have been buying I have accumalated around 60 or $300.00 to my credit, and havn't missed any good time because of the costs. By the time I've been over here a year I should have 100 saved up.

Maybe I told you that Marie sent me another parcel for my birth-day and a sweater which she knitted. The more I see of females the better I think she is.

Had a letter from Freddie Hastie this week wanting to know where I was. Also a letter from one of Myra's aunts, inviting me to stay with them some weekend. We never know what we are doing from one weekend to the other and I make arrangements then cant come it would just cause them a lot of unneccessary bother.

We were out on two schemes last week and there was one starting this morning which lasts for 8 days I didn't go and wasnt sorry as the weather is damp just now.

Heard from Mae this weeks but she didn't say very much.

Hope everyting is O.K. at home. The weather here has been great for the last 3 weeks but looks like it might turn wet now. I'm fine, cherrio for now.

Yours Truly
Harvey B.