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Date: April 9th 1944

Lt. H.S. Burnard

Sunday 9 Apr. 44

Dear Folks-

Reic'd your letter this week, I believe it was written on the 26th of March, and was glad to hear everything was O.K. I can't understand why my heifer is having dead calves it sure isn't a paying proposition and most of the trouble can be traced back to those box stalls.

Had a very easy week this last week cleaning out hotels the men were using as billets during last winter. Nothing very excieting but we at least slept inside.

Our mail is all being censored again for some reason or other. I think they are getting more men over here than they know what to do with so have to find something for them to amuse themselves at. I censor my men's mail and I think my own I'm not just sure yet.

Haven't heard from Shorty for some time. Wrote to Myra's Aunt over here saying I would be able to see her today but there is a ban on traveling this week being Easter so couldn't go. Am going to try and get one next week and look them up, I know Myra would like it very much it I could call on them.

A lad I chum around with met a fellow here who has a brother in Canada that he used to work for. This fellow has a big hotel and invited us both in for supper the next night which was O.K.

Saw a couple of shows this week the best one was "Lassie Come Home" a show much like "My Friend Flicker" it was in technicolor which made it more interesting.

To-day was Easter Sunday and the weather was excellent plenty of Easter Lilies and dafadills

Hope everything is O.K. at home

Yours Truly
Harvey B.
H.S. Burnard Lt.