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Date: April 16th 1944

Lieut H.S. Burnard

Sunday 16/44

Dear Folks-

Riec'd my skull cap and parcel last week. It was all over England before it finaly caught up with me. The films were good and thanks for the gum and chocolates. The skull cap is ideal but don't send me anymore wollen socks as I'm getting quite a collection they seem to good to wear out when I can get all the army socks I want free for the asking.

I just came back from a weekend at Brighton arrived there at 3 Sat afternoon saw a show, had supper, went to a dance and to bed in hotel. To-day we got up had breakfast, then dinner saw a show and went to a hockey match and I came back. Lou Grear a lad from Estevan knew the lady who runs the rink so we had ringside seats for free. The rink is a very large affair and its rather odd walking out of the rink into a climate such as this.

Met a little French girl at the dance - a refugee from France lovely stuff but rather passionate.

Didn't do much this last week. To-morrow I take my boys out for a 48 hr scheme in the bush. It really just amounts to camping out and training but takes a lot of organizing before you start.

Just in case you are wondering what my name is doing all over my letters it means I've censored them I have to censor my men's letters which is anything but pleasant.

Hope everything is still O.K. The weather here has been nice everything is green and the cherry trees are all in bloom. Wasn't surprised to hear about Shorty as I never got anything from him for about 3 weeks and we usually wrote every week. I can't do anything as his next of kin are the only ones notified.

Yours Truly
H.S. Burnard