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Date: August 29th

Lieut. H.S. Burnard
2 C.I.R.U.
C.A. Overseas

Sunday 29 Aug.

Dear Folks-

Well I acually rec'd my wrist watch and gum they came over in very good shape and my watch is keeping time so I guess it was fixed. Nothing very exciting happened this week. George Walker and I went to a show last night we waited in a queqed for about 1 hr and as a result missed our supper. These queqes are a great things, the longest line I ever saw was at the Edinburgh Station waiting for a train to London it was just a few feet short of being ¼ of a mile long and 2 deep. It was quite a bit longer than the train but when the train pulled out no one was left.

Last Sunday morning George Thomas and I went to see the "Soap Box Orators" in Hyde Park. They get up in these little stands and say what every they like about who every like and the Police just let them talk. They all have a crowd listening and some are very good speakers. They talk about everything from the black market in food to Dr's that make a living my practising medicine. Its all very funny and the American troops sure get a kick out of it. One speaker had a very nice head of hair and a big dark beard. One American soldier was sitting on the sholders of a standing soldier whisteling at the speaker to get his attention so he could get a snap of him.

I can't think of much more to write about I just came off church parade. The bunch of bombers that bombed Nurenberg on the night of the 27 kept us awake again. The search lights here are quite picturesque and when they catch a plane it shines like a piece of silver.

I guess you'll be in the mis'd of threshing when you get this. Hope things are going O.K. I think I'll be able to help with the next years harvest. The pastures should be good after the heavy rains.

I saw Willie Cherpeta one night in London. We just happened to bump into each other. I gave him my address but haven't as yet heard from him. Hope everything is O.K. Thanks for the parcel. Can't think of anything I want. We can get all the things we need here. Our chocolate bar ration is 2 a week and sometimes we can buy candy at the mess. There are all the cigarettes here that you want to buy. They are expensive and not as good as the Canadian brand but they make a smoke just the same. The main reason the boys have them sent over is because of financial difficulties. Hope your all well.

Yours truly Harvey