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Date: December 20th

Lieut. H.S. Burnard
2 C.I.R.U.

Monday 20/Dec

Dear Folks-

Havn't heard from you for over 2 weeks now, I guess the mail is going down to the Reg't. Rec'd a big parcel from Rosie Korpetia last week and one from Marie S. to-day. It was a job to move before Xmas but will be worse now. Marie sent me a cake from some bakery and it sure was good. I think the parcel you sent went to Worthing but will be forwarded here.

The weather is very nice it rains a lot at night but is quiet warm in the day-time. Everything is very green and most of the late flowers are still in bloom. Its not much like Xmas time.

George Walker and I went in and gave London the once over again. We had a 48 hr leave and stayed at his friends for the one night we were away. They sure treat us great. There is the dad and mother and a daughter of about 35 or 36. They aren't satisfied unless they are feeding us. We got up at 10 Sunday morning and by 6 o'clock we had finished our 3rd meal. The daughter had our mattresses downstairs warming it up all afternon then we had two hot water bottles at our feet when we went to bed. George and I just about died laughing. Quiet a change from sleeping outside in the rain. The funny part is that it is not cold, I think Canadians much be tough if this is how the English carry on. But we enjoyed it and they were glad to have us visit them.

Whenever you get to talking to some of the better educated people here they are bound to bring in opera sooner or later. George and I were always stumped because we had never been to an opera in our lives, so we decided to see and opera. We bought half shares in box that seated that seated four and cost $12 for the four seats. It was just like a glorified play with around a hundred actors a big synofony orchestra and big stage scenery. There was a lit of singing and ballet dancing. These high pitched singers are usually quiet beautiful so you look at them and imagine the noise comming from somewhere else and the time goes fairly quickly. But anyway when they start talking stage I can say I saw the Lisbon Story then lean back and pretend I know what they are talking about.

Hope you had a Merry Xmas. I guess George and I will spend ours in Camp again. Hope your all fine.

Yours Truly Harvey B.