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Date: December 26th 1943

Lieut. H.S. Burnard
2 C.I.R.U.

Sunday 26 Dec. 43

Dear Folks-

Havn't rec'd any mail since I last wrote. Heard from Aunt Lucy in Canada to-day her letter came over by ordinary mail in one month I also heard from your cousin in Ireland to-day. I have a leave comming up and had planned going to Aberdeen Scotland with Shorty if possible. If Shorty can't get a leave I guess I'll go to Ireland it isn't impossible and I guess they would treat me O.K. in the north.

Had a very nice Xmas dinner in Camp yesterday. The menu was, turkey, pork, potatoes, brussels sprouts, celery and cheese, cranberry sauce, and gravy. For desert we had plum pudding, a bun and a tart. I saw the mens dinner they had quite a variety but not much quantity.

Havn't much news, heard from Mrs. Clarke again inviting down anytime I get a chance. I guess I'll have to look them up maybe a week from to-day. These people invited George and I into their place for Xmas but we didn't go as a traveling band was put on the railway to have traveling cut for the holiday season.

The Land Army had a party last 23 and of course I was invited. Had a very nice time. We are having a dance in our mess to-morrow night. I'm going out to look over a skirt to-nite as Betty is at home and won't be back until Tuesday. The local females enjoy our officers dances because of the eats. We can get transportation se its not a bad set-up.

George Walker is going on a course to-day for 3 weeks. We had planned going on leave to-gether but I guess that's off now.

I heard from Jack Simpson and it was quiet a struggle to read but a good letter.
Hope everything is O.K. the weather hear is very nice Xmas day was very sunny and warm today it is cloudy but very warm and green. Will have to close now hope I hear from you. soon.

Yours truly,
Harvey B.