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Date: February 7th

Lieut. H.S. Burnard
2 C.I.R.U.

Monday 7 Feb.

Dear Folks-

Rec'd two letter last week and in both them you seemed to had given up hopes of every hearing from me again. It was rather strange that you should worry about me because when you wrote me the last letter I was at Dundee enjoying ham and eggs in breakfast every morning. Its realy only foolish to worry because I'll let you know if I'm going to Italy, and I can see no reason for going for awhile.

George and I spent a weekend in London last Friday - Sunday. We had a very nice double room for about $4 a day plus breakfast in bed. We have sure got things down to a science ring a bell and have a maid draw our bath after one has delivered us breakfast in bed. Go down stairs and contact our special waiter to find out what time we can have dinner without waiting in a que. Last Sunday he brought us goose with all the trimings, we usually get the best grub in the hotel for no extra cost. We managed to get in an air raid while in London its rather noisy but quiet exceiting. You can see the ack-ack shells bursting up in the air.

We didn't do much while in London saw St. Pauls Cathedral again. Its a beautiful structure, from the top of the dome to the floor is 312 feet without anything to stop your view There were 2 bombs dropped in on it one was a 1300 lb time bomb that they got out before it exploded and a small one that exploded but didn't do much damage to the main part. It dropped in main alter and wrecked it.

We saw a show called "my Sister Elien" and it was quiet good it cost us 15 shillings a seat and I guess It will be my last trip to the Theatre.

Had a good luck to wreck my wrist watch again doing some P.T. I though I had left it off until I seen it dashing across the gynasium floor. It was wrecked anyway.

Hope everything is O.K. at home. I got Ivan's letter and will answer it in my spare time. The weather hear has been fine we very seldom wear great coats even at night. Must close now.

Harvey B.