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Date: January 15th 1944

Lieut. H.S. Burnard 2 C.I.R.U. C.A.O. Saturday 15 Jan. Dear Folks- Rec'd Dads letter to-day and was quiet surprised to say the least. Was glad to hear everything was going well. Its rather strange the way the weather has been staying so mild. The Sun shone here yesterday for the first time in two weeks. It is cold and foggy to-day. I looked those relations of Davises up last Sunday and found Mrs. Clarke in bed with the flu. I went to visit with her daughter then and found Harold feeding his face. He shure looks well and seems quiet satisfied here now. I was surprised to find him because I thought he was still in Canada. The Grandfolks Mr. & Mrs. Clarke were very nice and I think I will try and spend a weekend with them sometime. The daughter whos name is Mrs. Jones seemed very nice but has her hands full with her family and teaching on top of that again. She has two boys and a girl. The oldest boy is 16 and the girl in 8. Havn't been doing much for amusement this week. Went to a nurses dance Thursday night at one sanatorium and was supossed to go to another one at another sanitorium last night but a few complications set in. Saw that show Stage Door Canteen at a local cinema. It was quiet interesting as we'd saw the canteen during our tour of New York. Betty didn't come back from London because she was sick, so I had a very cheap week. Nurses dances don't cost anything and you always get a good feed so they are good amusement. Had a letter from Shorty last week. I thought he might be on the real thing from a few things he mentioned. At present Im on a board to revise the camp orders or laws which is a inside job and looks like it might last for a couple of weeks. There are three of us working on them, and our hours are from 830 to 1130 and from 130 to 430 which is quiet reasonable. George and I are going on leave when I get finished. Can't think of anything else new just now. Havn't had the flu or any serious cold so far this winter. There is a lot of colds around but as an officer you should be able to keep because the group is better than it was when I was in the ranks. Hope every thing is O.K. at home. Yours Truly Harvey B