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Date: July 15th

H.S. Burnard

Note new address

Sat. 15 July
Lt. H.S. Burnard
2 C.B.R. Gp.

Dear Folks-

Rec'd two letters last tuesday one an air graph and on a surface letter posted on the 3rd of July. The ordinary mail was delivered to me 8 days after you mailed it. I also recieved a parcel with a cake and some bars and gum in it which sure hit the spot. Most of my men were out digging graves so the 7 who were left and I ate the cake for supper. I also got a parcel the Homemakers had sent to Shorty on or around Easter time. It took quite a beating and all that was eatable was 2 cookies, 2 bars and a tin of tomatoe juice. It seems my address was the alternative address and thats how I got it.

I saw Harold Davis one night this week he has been over here for quite a while and was able to look me up. He sure is looking well and certainly is in his glory with a motor bic and plenty of excietment. Might see him again as he's directing traffic in this part of France.

I moved again yesterday and Johnston and I had to build another home. This time we had to get sods and build walls above ground because were in a swampy place and cant dig. We wern't going to dig or anything and were just debating when 8 Jerry planes came over decided for us. One of our ack-ack shells landed in an area a few yard away and hurt 3 lads fairly badly. The ack ack shells are supposed to explode in the air but this one didnt go off until it landed. They got one of the Jerry planes with ack ack guns. They were all going along when one suddenly starting heading straight down. The pilot bailed out and there is just a few feet on his plane left sticking out of the soft ground where it crashed. I've never seen a dog fight yet because our planes never catch sight of the German planes but they sure make short work of them when they do. Harold saw 4 Jerries come over and the ack ack guns got one and our fighters 3, but we loose planes too.

Well cant thing of much else for now. Were eating well all canned goods and get an issue of 7 cigs, 6 candies, & 1 bar per day besides. Its not hard to trade bars for cigs so I'm getting fed up on bars and eat them just the same. Tell Uncle Howards that I got Shortys parcel because they might be wondering what became of it.

Yours Truly
Harvey B.