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Date: June 5th 1944

Lt. H.S. Burnard

Lt. H.S. Burnard
11 Bn 2 CBR Gp.

5 Jun 44

Dear Folks-

Just a few lines to let you know Im O.K. still able to take nourishment.

Sat. I was all set to visit the Clarks at Woking when I got orders to pack up again because I was being sent on a flame throwing course near to where I was stationed last winter with the Reg't. So I slept in a room last night for the first time in 2 months. Its quiet an oddity to have a bath in a bath tub again. Were billeted in a large country estate which the government has taken over for some reason or other. Its very nice here except it is rather quiet.

Spent all day yesterday (Sunday) traveling. Passed through London but didn't have time to do any shopping. The trains were very crowded but we had a coach reserved so were O.K.

The Sunday before last I spent picnicing with a rather nice Canadian nurse. We rented a couple of canoes and went out into the country via canal. I never paddled a canoe before and was afraid I might upset the darn thing but she knew the principle a canoe worked on so thing went very smoth.

I think I'll spend next week end in Brighton it's a good place for excietment and not hard to get a room as it's a baned area. Had a letter from Willie Hasper and I think I might get to see him if he hasn't moved lately.

Hope everything is going fine has Howards heard anything more about Shorty. See where one of the Pratts, David I believe has been killed.

Best of Everything.

Yours Truly
Harvey B.

P.S. I bought a watch

H.S. Burnard