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Date: June 8th 1944

Lt. H.S. Burnard

Lt. H.S. Burnard
11 Bn 2 CBR Gp.
11 C.A.O.

8 June 44

Dear Folks-

I meant to write sooner and let you know that I have not been in the excitement over here. Its not likely I will be in it for quite some time as this course kind of messed up my chances of getting out to the Reg't for a while. It must have been quite a show but I have seen nothing out of the ordinary although we are not far from the coast. The day before it started our fighter aircraft all turned up with black and white stripes around their wings and fuesalage the airborne troops were quite a sight going over in their gliders, rather an easy way to get into action to say the least. I sure hope the fellows can hold on until we get over as it would be tought if they didn't. I guess nine days will tell.

Went to a dance last night and had a good time visiting old haunts I used to know last winter. The same females go to the same dance halls and the women has equiped themselves with new suckers after our boys left, but strangely enough the all speak very highly of the Canadians and some females claim they prefer them to the English boys, but thats all the propaganda our men are paid better than the English boys and the English girls know it.

Well can't think of anything else for just now hope everything is O.K. with you. Inciedently there is no use sending me a watch as I would never get it. I bought an old one the keep good time so it will do.

Cherrio for now.

Yours Truly
Harvey B.