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Date: June 19th 1943

Lieut. H.S. Burnard
Somewhere in England
Canadian Army Overseas
June 19/43

Dear Folks -

Just arrived this morning so haven't as yet got settled. Had a very nice voyage over we road first class and were only on the water 7 days. The second day out we ran into a storm and I stopped eating for a while but once I got my sea legs everything went well. The food was the very best, roast chicken and the like. I [?] to see an average of about 3 subs a day but never [?] any, and must to my surprise we traveled un-escorted [?] for a couple of Spitfires on the last day. I didn't stay in Nova Scotia very long. [?] sorry that I didn't have a chance to to to [?] while I was there. The crowned an apple blos [?] there, it seems to be the center of the apple growing indust [?] was I started running shy of dough. In fact, I just [?] had o start across with five bucks, but I got paid before [?] wasn't to badly off. These two bit tips really work their way into money. The country here is sure great. There is about as much difference between hear and Eastern Canada as there is between Eastern Canada and the West. We passed through several bombed cities last night. They had not been bombed lately I guess during the blitz. There are a lot more burned out than realy knoked to-pieces. The brick walls are standing but you can see there is nothing left inside. It was funny the last day I was aboard I run into Ray Smith that used to be in Theodore. I guess he was home on furlough when I got his wire telling him to report. I met a lot of fellows I had went through O.T.C. with at Three Rivers on the Foot. Well I've got my purse full of pounds, shillings and pense I haven't tried spending them yet just to see what the score is but apparently they are worth something. We used Canadian money comming over. Seems I've run out of news. I've never heard from anyone since I last wrote. I guess there's some mail hear when I finally get straightened out. The meals so far haven't been much different from our Canadian meals except the bread is dark and has a different flavour. Hope your all fine I'm feeling o.k. I can't send an address so use that one I gave you from Regina.

Yours truly,