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Date: March 12th 1944

Lieut. H.S. Burnard
Sunday 12/44

Dear Folks-

I wrote in my last letter that I was going down to the S.S.R's again well some complications set in and I havn't went as yet I think I might gow tomorrow. I havn't been doing much this last week. I've really been C.B'd but just in theory, as I was out every night but one.

Last Monday I had a Medical Inspection and my record showed I was away behind in my vacinations, so the Doc decieded to give me three different types of shots in one setting. I stayed for two then left the Doc as I had a date that night and thought two was sufficient. I have to get a series of 3, a week apart so I guess I'll get started tuesday.

I went up to Aldershot yesterday to see Harold Davis, and found him in the hospital. He is just getting over an attach of pneumonia and yesterday was his first day out of the sick bay and was sure glad to see me. We had tea at a local tea room and had a nice chat. He only had a pass until 5 o'clock and by the time I located him it was 4 but we had a nice visit. I had meant to see him sooner but just couldn't seem to find the time.

Another lad I met was that Hidachick that worked at Chriss Hanson's some time ago. I haven't seen Fred, as it seems I never know where or when I'll be next.

You were asking in one of your letters If we had any Canadian reading material around here well we have every thing that can be sent over and If you did send anything ove I would very likely read it.

Finally got my photo's back. I think they used one grease to develope them but I guess the shortage of chemicals causes the inferiority in develop menting The weather here has been rather cold but a lot of the flowers are blooming and, to-night it is very warm and spring like. Hope everyone is O.K. I had a slight cold but shook it quiet easily cherio for now.

Harvey B.