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Date: March 26th 1944

Lieut. H.S. Burnard
South Sask. Reg't

Sunday 26/44

Dear Folks-

Had a letter last Wed and was glad to hear everything was going well. Personally I had a very quiet week. We were camped out in a large beech forest over here all week. The nearest bus stop was about 3 miles away so we saved money. Strangely enough it didn't rain which was sure appreciated as most of the men did not have anything over them but blankets. Its funny the men sleeping in the houses have colds but when they go out and sleep on the ground they either got worse or better.

Had a Unit dance last night but didn't have much of a time as I didn't get around to lining up a female before hand, and there wasn't any loose ones around. There was a good lunch at the end so it could have been worse.

Had a letter from Shorty and I guess he's been getting around. He seems to enjoy it but hopes he never sees a fighter. He seems to worry more about loosing sleep that anything.

Remember that hair I used to have - well I havn't it again. An order came out that everyone was to get a 1 ½ inch haircut Some of the fellows look fierce and I guess Im no exception. One officer was blessed with banjo eyes and this hair-cut sure sets them out.

You were asking about parcels - well I guess they are just not going to arrive. I heard a bunch were sunk around Xmas so likely mind was in them. I had a nice box of chocolates from Uncle Les. But things are looking up here. We get an egg every morning for breakfast via black market but they taste O.K. our chocolate ration has picked up and we now have oranges and gum at the bar so havn't much need for parcels. Hope your all O.K.

Yours Truly
Harvey B.