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Date: May 14th 1944

Lieut. H.S. Burnard

14 May 44

Lt. H.S. Burnard
11 Bn 2 CBR Gp.

Dear Folks-

Riec'd a letter from Clive and one from home this week so didn't do to bad. I guess Clive is right in there with his hens. Heard from another one of Myras aunts. Im on practically a direct line to there towns but cant go because of the ban on traveling.

Saw Millard Hackman last Sunday and he's going back to Canada. We made a point to meet again the next Wed but he never showed up whether he got moving sooner than he had expected to or not I don't know. Heard from Willie Hasper but don't know whether we will be able to meet some time or not.

Spent last Sunday with a blonde I met at 2 C.I.R.U. but during my absence she turned brunette and is not near as attractive now.

Havn't seen Harold Davis lately. That Hydachuck that worked for Chris Hansen is at this camp now.

I wonder if you could get me a pocket watch quick and send it over. There much be a few left. Anything from $15 to $20 will do and Ill send you the money from here. Its darn hard to get along without one when everything is based on time. Oh yes could you send me some tie pins or collar pins I guess you would call them. My batman went out last Wed and searched all Aldershot and came back with one made of wire about the size of safety pin and made out of stuff about the size of #9 bailing wire. It only cost 6 shillings or $1.50 so its going right back to where it came from. Any watch you by over here costs huge sums and the army authorities warn us against buying them as they are usually cheap watches in a gold case. I'm sending this watch of mine home as I can't get it fixed and am sure lost without one,

Hope everything is fine. Thanks for the letter and please send me a watch.

Harvey B.
H.S. Burnard