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Date: November 28th 1943

Lieut. H.S. Burnard
South Sask Reg't

(Nov) Sunday 28/43

Dear Folks-

Well here it is Sunday again and nothing excieting has happened for another week. I went on a mine laying course for one day. It was held in some Sir's estate in the country. The house or castle was very old. They built an new edition to the castle in the 13th century. People still live in it. There are huge lawns and woodlands around the manor and about 25 or 30 deer wandering about. Some of the rooms in the main part are about the size of the Town Hall at Theodore.

Rec'd your letter Thursday in which you were asking about Bob Fords wounds. He got sprayed with some shrapnel and had a bullet wound in his wrist. It wasn't at all serious but took some time to heal. I saw him one day last week and asked how dad was, but he didn't seem to know very much about it and wondered if you folks had been to see him. It seems his Dad was in the hospital for a week before they sent him any word.

Had a letter from Shorty he was on another 9 day leave, I guess I'm in the wrong Service. A Mrs. Clarke, some of Ethel Davies's relations wrote me a letter inviting me up to spend a weekend with them. At my last stop I was only about 12 miles from their place. I am expecting to be sent to the holding Unit at 2 C.I.R.U. again so will likely see them then.
Went to one show and two dances this last week. The show was "Man About Town" starring Jack Benny and it was very good. The dances wern't so bad met a very charming young married woman with an equally nice apartment. If the civilians weren't rationed so badly I believe I could get a good home cooked meal once in awhile. These Clarkes live in the country and it might be alright for eats too.

Can't think of much else to write abut. The weather has been very nice a lot like Sept. in Sask. Contrary to your belief that everything is being bombed to pieces we have never had anything more than a spare German gas tank dropped around here for the last 8 weeks. Ive yet to see the inside of an air raid shelter but must visit one for the novelty of it. When the alert goes no one goes to the shelters. We often see the heavy bombers going over they go over like a flock of ducks, sort themselves out and head for Germany. A squadron of Spitfires are about as common as a single Avro. Anson around home.

Hope everything is O.K. Rec'd the snaps last week and thanks for the bars. Do you suppose you could persuade Dad to write a letter some time I think I could stand the shock if he could spare the time.

Yours Truly Harvey