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Date: October 1st 1943

Lieut. H.S. Burnard
2 C.I.R.U.

Friday 1 Oct./43

Dear Folks-

I am writing this on a Friday nite as to-morrow morning at 0815 I leave on a tour to see Salisbury Cathedral - I hope. They usualy have a guide and it will be worth seeing. The fellows who saw Windsor Castle last Sunday report a very successful time.

Haven't heard from Shorty for about 10 days, but had a letter from Fred Hastie this week and I think we can make arrangements to see each other.

Haven't been doing much in the line of amusement. This member of the W.L. Army that I mentioned - Betty by name has been sick with neuralige so I haven't been out much. Went to a dance last night but it was pay-day for the men and things weren't se peaceful as they might have been.

During my driving course my instructor and I backed into a civilian car - by accident of course. It was a baby Austin and the big Army truck practically backed over top of it before it stopped. Weve been having Courts of Enquiries and what not over it but the instructor was driving so not likely I'll have to pay anything. It all happened when we stopped to pull some females in a car out of a ditch, which is quite embarrassing to say the least.

The weather has been very nice this last while its hard to realize its Oct everything is still green. There was a frost that turned the Marrow Vines black about a week age but it was still quiet unusual according to the natives and not very pleasant to us.

I guess the threshing will be finished by now that makes two years I've missed. Was glad to hear Clive's ran so well. I read in the paper about the bonus for coarse grains. I got my civi clothes O.K. and thanks as they will come in handy. Really I don't know of anything I want. If you want to send me chocolates its O.K. by me. I believe you can send them through arrangements with the chocolate manufators in the same way as they send cigarettes. As far as reading material it would just be a waste of shipping space. I believe I could do with peppermints too.

Harvey B.