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Date: September 12th 1943

Lieut. H.S. Burnard
2 C.I.R.U.

Sunday 12/43

Dear Folks-

Rec'd a letter from Clive wich was somewhat of a surprise. I guess he's as busy as he always was around harvest time. I never thought he'd try and cut another crop with that binder.

Got a letter from Shorty and I think we'll be able to meet in London some weekend. I have a fair idea as to where he is. Met one of the Echart boys from Yorkton. We were having our morning tea in a tea-shop about 9 miles from camp and a platoon of Armoured Corp boys marched up and broke of and Echart was amoungst them. I haven't seen Fred again he was on a weekend last week. Heard from Willie maybe I told you that last time.

Can't think of much news. I'm still on this truck driving course. Personally I couldn't think of a better way to see England. We travel about 75 miles each day se we see a lot of country.

George Walker and I went to a small town close to here where there was a circus. It wasn't too bad except it shut down at 815 because of the black out.

The weather here has been very nice it rains a lot but its always nice and warm so you really never notice the dampness. It might be different in winter but they boys who have been here during previous winters say they are not as bad as we are led to believe.
Can't think of anything more. The mail is comming over O.K. If you want to send me anything you could send me some After shave lotion or any toiletries like that we can't get them over here and they are nice to have. Have you finished threshing yet?

Yours truly,
Harvey B.