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Date: April 15th 1943
Marion Loney
Ted Loney

April 15, 1943

Dear Mom:

Another week is nearly done and will be when you get this. What a week, I have been painting in the officer's mess. I was supposed to be on the job for just one day that was Tuesday but I am still there and will be the rest of the week at least. The sergeant in charge of the job seems to have taken a fancy to me and won't let me go he has convinced the officers that he needs me. (darn it). Yesterday the sergeant and I painted the ceiling of the sleeping quarters which is a room 25 ft wide and 100 ft long. It is all divided into cubicles the walls of which are just too high to sit on and paint the ceiling. It was a heck of a job to be on your back and paint. It took us all afternoon to do that job. Today I had three of the boys in my platoon with me and I had to keep them busy. It was more work keeping them working than it was to do the work myself. One of them was swell but the other two they would work for 10 minutes then sit and smoke for 30 minutes. It took one of them all day to size a room about 12 ft square. I was sure glad that the sergeant was watching him but he didn't say a word to him. I guess maybe I work too hard that is why he is keeping me if that is the case I will never get out of the camp as they are going to paint the whole thing. I asked the sergeant today about that and he said that he just wanted me to stay until the officers' quarters were finished which should be Monday or Tuesday. So much for the week end.

All this week has been swell and warm in fact hot, all I have been wearing while I have been working is just my coveralls and was sweating even then. I was even playing football like that the night before last and nearly melted on the spot. When this place warms up it does it too fast to suit me. Last week in mud, the week before snow, this week we bake. Today was just a little cooler. They are thinking of issuing us with summer uniforms, shorts and all. That is we won't get any long pants we will have puttees to put on up to our knees a break then the shorts and a shirt and I guess a pith helmet. Will let you know the next letter.

There is a creek about a 100 yds back of the camp. I think about half of the boys in camp were sitting on the bank on Sunday, it was swell.

We were paid today but I stayed in camp tonight. In fact I haven't been out of camp since church parade Sunday except to go down to the creek.

I am missing a lot of route marches working but I don't mind as it is too hot to march. Other than that I am not missing anything as we are all finished our training and are just killing time the last two weeks here. We are supposed to leave here 26th. I hope that we do.

I am going to close now and head for bed before the drunks return from town as I will never get to sleep if I don't and they won't wake me up once I am asleep you know that.

Love to all

P.S. Dad's book arrived OK. Shirley's letter arrived yesterday. Say hello to Pat. Will write soon. Ted.