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Date: August 11th 1945
Marion Loney
Ted Loney

August 11th 1945
No.7 Cdn. Repat Depot
Canadian Army Overseas

Dear Mom

As I am at a loose end tonight I am writing some letters. I haven't got much to say but I will try to fill this up.

To start as you know the Pacific Do is over. I don't know if that will mean I get home for Christmas or not but I sure hope so. Around Aldershot nobody seemed to take any interest in the fact the war was over. There were no more drunks around camp than usual. Also there were no windows broken which is a good thing.

As this may get home ahead of the letter I wrote the other day with some pictures in it I will tell you that I now have a jeep. The army still owns it but I am in charge of it. I got it last Wednesday. I haven't had it out on the road yet as I have been busy painting it. When it is finished I will try to get a picture of it with me in it for you just to show you how good I am at painting.

When I get it on the road next week I hope I will be kept fairly busy as I sure like driving. You have to watch yourself with a jeep as they are so very different from driving a heavy truck. One thing I don't like about them is you get a little wet in them when it rains. Another thing is the steering is on the left, the same as our cars at home so I will have to watch that I don't get on the wrong side.

Box 36 arrived the other day with the Dad's Cookies and the Graham Wafers in good shape. I have enough shaving soap and tooth powder to keep me going for some time with what was in the box.

Thank Pat for the raisins, they were very nice.

I sent the picture of Pat, Pam & Julia to Mrs. Davis so will you send me another so I will have one.

You remember Bob Coulter, the one who is in the picture with me, I met him here again, he is on his way home now.

What has happened to Bill? I wrote to him about a month ago but never received an answer. Will you send his address again so I will be sure I have the right one.

Here is the end so I will have to close for now.

Love to all