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Date: August 18th 1945
Marion Loney
Ted Loney

Aug. 18, 1945
"A" Wing
#7 Cdn. Repat Depot

Dear Mom:

I am at a loose end tonight so I will put the time in writing to you.

We had two days off this week for V.J. day. Wednesday afternoon most of us went to a stage show that was put on by a group that has just come over to entertain the boys. There is quite a difference between the Canadian shows and the English ones we see most of the time. That evening we had a big Bon fire on the parade square and had a sing-song at which free beer was dished out and a wonderful time was had by all. The beer did not last very long so only the boys that went down to the pubs got drunk. On Thursday afternoon we had a sports day. It was not too bad the only thing was not many of the boys stayed around for it. In the evening there was a dance but it was so crowded you could hardly move. I went to see what it was like but I did not dance. I was only there about half an hour.

Yesterday I got the jeep out on the road for the first time since I got it. I have it painted and varnished and it looks pretty good. The first trip I had was down to Bordon which is ten miles away. It is sure a nice little car to drive. The speed limit for them is 40 miles an hour which I have not gone over yet.

Your letter of Aug 13th arrived at noon today, not bad time.

Jill is not doing too bad, it is quite a help. I wish someone who could play popular could give her a little help. Bill might help her out some if he should show up. I sent him their address so he could visit them if he gets down that way. He should as the air force repat is there.

The wind has just come up and it feels like rain so I guess we are going to have a wet Sunday. It has been cloudy and unsettled for the last few days and a little chilly.

Still no idea as to when I will be heading home I still hope I can make it for Christmas.

Here is the end of the paper so good-bye for now.