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Date: February 13th 1945
Marion Loney
Ted Loney

Feb 13th/45

Dear Mom:

Here I am back from leave and have been on guard already. Sunday night to be exact.

I arrived back Saturday about 6 o'clock I sure hated to come back.

I met Bill in Leicester at his uncle's. We only stayed there the one night as Bill's leave was up the next night. So when he left I went back to Bournemouth with him. While I was there I stayed at the K. of C. Bill was put on a draft Saturday morning to leave Monday morning so I stayed until then.

Bill sure looks grand and is doing fine.

As for him running around in uniform with me they are used to Canadians breaking rules like that over here.

We had not much time to look around in Leicester in fact I didn't see any of it.

His aunt and uncle are grand it was almost as though I had known them all the time as I knew the "Van. Brasses" and that sure almost made me one of the family. Bill and I sure broke up the peace and quiet of the house for the one evening. We had Mary the daughter playing her piano accordion & the piano along with Bill's assistance and my attempt at singing. We had to catch the train Friday afternoon to get Bill back on time. It was just as well that we didn't stay there any longer as I think the neighbors would have asked us to leave. At the present time our name is still good so we can go back again.

When we got to Bournemouth I didn't see as much of Bill as I would have liked to as he was busy most of Saturday and Sunday morning.

Saturday evening we went to a show and saw "Casinova Brown" which we both enjoyed very much. If you haven't seen it and get the chance I think you will enjoy it.

Sunday morning we went to mass then I didn't see him until around 2.

We then went to see some distant relations of his. We spent the afternoon with them. That evening they took us to see some friends of theirs that Bill knew. That was a very quiet afternoon and evening but I sure enjoyed it after the camp. I might say that we made a good impression there also and can come back.

It is too bad I didn't know he was down there as I could have seen him much sooner but we have one another's address now and it won't happen again.

Monday morning I left for Torquay arriving there 3 in the afternoon. As before I had a swell time there and was sorry to leave when it was over. I went so many different places there I don't know where to start. In fact I don't even remember which day I went where.

I doubt if any of the places I was at are even on the map except a large on of the district.

It is a good thing I like walking as that is how we did most of our traveling.

The first couple of days we stuck around town. We were down on the beach and must have covered at least three miles over rocks and stretches of sand. The next day Jill and I went to a place called Cockingham it is about two mile away. The way we came back we made the trip about six miles long. Also I might add that we got a little wet as it started to rain when we were a couple of miles from the house. That meant I had to stay close to the fire to dry out. Which I did just in time to take in a show with Mrs. Davis and Jill. It was "Madonna of the Seven Moons" I liked it very much.

I think it was the next morning that I went out on my own to Babbacome Beach which is not far from town. To make a long story short I met some navy boys on the beach who were doing some work on some boats just off shore and I didn't get back until three. Mrs. Davis, Jill & Stephen then took me out for another walk, just where it went I am mot sure as we went out every day and I only know the last place.

It seemed t me that it rained for at least a few minutes every time we went out.

One day Mrs. Davis & I took Stephen down to the beach to take him for a row but we couldn't get a boat or they said it was too windy. The last afternoon when Jill and Stephen arrived home from school, Mrs. Davis, a friend of Jill's and myself started out for a spot called "Coffinswell". All that I was told was that we were to go up a church tower there.

We caught a bus and after about a three mile ride we piled off and started up a side road and I might add a nice long hill. It was about 2 miles to the church. When we were about half a mile from the church it started to rain. Well we got to the church without getting too wet.

On the door to the tower was a notice saying that you had to get the key from the rectory. Mrs. Davis and Stephen went after the key. While they were gone I discovered that the door was open.

Jill, Jean and myself started up the stairs. It was then I found out why they took me out there the tower is about 900 years old. The stairs are circular and go up one corner of the tower. The stairs instead of being flat like this [drawing of some normal flat topped steps] are worn like this [drawing of slope topped steps]. It is not so bad going up but it is sure fun coming down as you have to be careful you don't slip.

There isn't very much to see when you get up as the church is in a valley but I think it was worth the trip.

By the time we were ready to leave it was sure raining so we headed for the nearest bus which was about a mile away. I have a hunch that we were a little more than just damp when we caught the bus.

When we arrived at the house I stayed close to the fire as I had only the pair of pants I had on.

The next morning at 8:30 I caught the train and so ended another leave.

On arriving back I found two letters from dad, one from you and a Valentine waiting for me along with a couple of other letters. There was also parcel #25.

I will start on the letters now.

In one of dad's he asked about moving the shed to the other corner. That would be alright. But there is a drop into the yard and that rock to get rid of. As for the drop we would not have to worry about that. Another thing a garage should be about 18 ft. long that would almost put it under the apple tree as the thing would have to put a little way in the yard to make a ramp into the lane.

Other than that I don't think it would be a bad idea. The old one is of no use the way it is and the foundations is also shot in fact I often wondered just what is holding it up.

I sure wish that I could get my hand in on training the new pup. From what dad says he should be good for hunting.

Now for the box it was grand. The picture of Shirley is very nice in fact I don't think I will even look for a girl friend when I get home.

The pipe and tobacco are fine. I have the pipe pretty well broken in now. I don't smoke a pipe very often and still have some tobacco so I have plenty for a few months now. The main reason for not using a pipe that when you are working you have to watch them. The cheese and crackers are always welcome along with the chocolate bars. The peanut butter & the tin of beans are swell. Dad's Readers Digest is welcomed and also the funnys.

I was tickled to see the copy of the B.C. Catholic to see how things were going with the bowling. I am just waiting for the day when I can get in on it again. I don't think that there is a bowling alley on this island at least I can't find one.

Well at long last I am sending some pictures. They were all taken around camp except the one. What do you think of Gordy now he sure makes me look short. They were taken at the peak of the snow not much eh! It was all gone 3 days later.

You don't know the other boy, he is from London Ont.

The negatives are some that were taken in Halifax. I am sending them so I won't lose them. I will send the negatives of the others as soon as I get them from Gordy & get myself another set.

I am getting tired of writing so I will close for now give my love to all.