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Date: December 11th 1945
Marion Loney
Ted Loney

K_____ Gnr. Loney E.J.
"A" Wing
#7 Cdn Repat Depot
Dec 11th/45

Dear Mom:

Here is the letter with the snaps and a couple of negatives. As I want some copies of the pictures for myself I will keep them for a while. One of the negatives is the one Mrs. Davis had.

I am trying to get my leave over Christmas but I don't think I will make it.

When I started this letter there was no one in the hut but now it is nearly full and the arguments are flying thick and fast and for some unknown reason everybody seems to want me in it.

At the present time the main topic is the best way to get to and from various places. I think everyone takes a different road. Just look at that map I sent with the picture and you will get some idea of the number of roads around this country.

On that map you will find Horsham on the lower right hand side and just below it you will find Denne Park where I am now. If you want to find Bramshot where 2 C.A.R.U. was it is over on the left about half way up and in about 3 or 4 inches. It is near Haselmere just about and to the left and just to the right of Liphook. Aldershot is right at the top of the sheet so you should find that O.K.

That is a regular army map, you can get them of the whole of England. I got one of the area around Torquay for Mrs. Davis.

I have a fair job now driving a Sgt. who is a sport broadcaster for the Canadian Army. We are up to London every Wednesday & Saturday for the broadcasts. The rest of the week we are around the various camps picking news for the next one.

This morning we were down to Brighton to see a hockey game. The only trouble was that we got a little too well cooled off on the ride down to really appreciate the game.

I sure hope that it is warmer tomorrow as I go to London again and it is quite a long ride.

You should see the traffic in that place it is a mad house I don't know why there are not more accidents than there are. The people use the whole road no matter which way they are going. On the highways they drive in the centre of the road instead of on their own side. After driving over here I think a person can drive any place.

The parcels have been coming along fine, box 42 was the latest one with the second batch of coffee.

This should reach you just in nice time to wish every one a Merry Christmas. Just because I say that don't think that I am going to stop writing again for a while.

I was feeling pretty low for a while seeing all the boys going home and me still sticking around. My turn should come up around the first of the year.

Well Mom I will close for now. I will write again in a few days.

All My Love