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Date: February 6th 1944
Marion Loney
Ted Loney

Bedford NS
Feb 6/44

Dear Mom:

This will let you know that I arrived here but not on time.

The train was an hour and a half leaving Wpg. & was three hours late at Toronto. We were supposed to get in at 7:10 but did not arrive until 10. That made me late for my train to Montreal which left at 9:15. When I got into Toronto I got a slip saying that my train was late to that fixed that up. The next one left at 4 so I had a little time to kill. That train got me to Montreal at 10:45 when the train that I should have got out for Halifax left at 7:30, the one that I did get left at 11:55. That put me in Halifax the morning of the 3rd instead of the night of the 2nd.

The first thing that I did when I arrived was get hold of an MP in the station and ask for transportation to "A23". It was nearly three hours before it arrived. That afternoon I was shipped over here to Bedford.

There is nothing that I can say as to how long I will be here as I don't know but I don't think that it will be long. Some of the boys are gone now.

The train got to Calgary on time. Uncle Charley was at the station to meet me. From the station we went and had some lunch after which we went up to the apartment then over to his office. After he did some work he had to do he showed me around the plant.

That night we went bowling and then over to Clare's until about 12 then back to bed.

We had lunch with Clare on Sat. then went for a drive around town for an hour or two.

After dinner we played crib until it was time for my train.

When I arrived at Kenora I found that I had missed Les again only this time I think I could have seen him. My train got into Wpg. At 7 & didn't leave until 8:30 from what Berna said we were both in the station at the same time so I could have seen him for a few minutes. The thing that makes me mad is the fact that I looked for him and did not see him maybe I will see him the next time. Berna & Gram were at the station in Kenora so I spent 15 mins with them.

The weather around here is just a little colder that what I left in Van.

Well I will give you my address here and close for now.


K_____ Gnr. Loney E.J.
B Troop T.S.B.
Artillery Reinforcement Camp
Bedford N.S.