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Date: June 19th 1917

June 19th 1917

Dear George.

I received your letter dated May 23rd. And was glad to hear that you's are well But very sorry to hear of the death of Mrs Montieth. She was such a fine woman Well George it is kind of out of place for to have snow on 24th of May. It was a nice warm day over here. I suppose you will be busy hoeing by this time I have heard bad reports about you especially when you go hunting groundhogs Ha, Ha, Now you will have to cut it out or else there wont be any left for Earl and I when we come home. You say that Rathole is pretty quite now it didn't ought to be with all those Auto's. Earl told me to write you right away or else you might trim (me) when I come back. Well we all real well at present But just you make the best of the pies now. For when we get back woe-be-tied to your piece if I can get my blinkers on it.