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Date: April 7th 1942

April 7, 1942

Dear Mom,

This is just a note to let you know everything is o.k. I'll be able to tell you all of my adventures when I get home. The train was crowded all the way down, especially from Sturgis to here - there were three coaches and every one was full. I had lunch at Sturgis as we were stopped there 45 min. I also met bob Graham, Hazel Clark and Carl Pallister at Sturgis. As I was getting off the train at Melville for a cup of coffee I saw Mrs. Doug Thom. I stopped to say Hello to her and there was Miss Hamilton (my old teacher), only she isn't a miss anymore, at least I don't think she is because she had a couple of kids that called her "Momma".

On coming into Regina, I chummed up with a guy who is going to work in the creamery here. We got off the train together and had supper at a café. Then I came up to Aunt Win's and Lo and Behold Aunt Eva was there from Winnipeg. She is going out to the coast, in fact she left last night. She came into Regina Friday night. Yesterday I took my watch to the jeweller's where it cost me $3.00 to have it completely overhauled. I also took my jacket to be cleaned, then went to a show and then did some shopping. Last night, Catherine, Evelyn, and myself went over to Darke Hall where we heard the sea cadets from Winnipeg. They have a brass band and are very good.

On Sunday morning we all went to Church, including Harry and his wife. In the afternoon, Cath., Evelyn and myself went out car riding, out to the airport. I intend to have a physical examination at the R.C.A.F. recruiting depot here sometime before I go home.

Well, Mom, I'll be seeing you next Fri. night.

Your loving son,