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Date: January 12th 1945

Jan. 12/45

Dear Mother,

Just received two letters from you dated Dec. 21st and 30th. So glad to hear you had Paul over, it's really nice to know everything has turned out O.K. I've just got a few hrs. before take off for a trip so am dashing off a few letters I owe. I'm flying with the C.O. tonight. Had a very nice letter from Mrs. Case, written Xmas day, which had all the signatures of the people visiting them that day.

I just got back a couple of days ago from the course I took in bombing analysis. Don't laugh, but I now have to give the odd lecture on how to eliminate errors in bombing. While there, I met a New Zealander I met in Canada, and we are going on leave together on the 17th. We are going to London and intend to make it a sight seeing tour, more or less. On the way back here we stayed in Nottingham over night and I went to Birmingham to spend a day. I saw Mrs. Warwick who seemed quite disappointed in not hearing from you. Stew had a letter from Aunt Molly who received your choc. o.k. Stew and our rear gunner, Bob Dickenson, are going back to Canada on the 16th. That's the last of the boys I know over here practically.

I had a letter from Mrs. Hawksworth who seems sorry that I didn't get down for Xmas or New Years. She sent me a lovely photograph album. I had sent her flowers for Xmas.

Had a very nice letter from Marian Lyne who was expecting her husband home for Xmas. She also enclosed a pin up picture of herself. So glad to hear you are going to make a good business with the hatchery this Spring. Was very surprised to hear you now have six incubators.

They say the weather here is the worst they have had for 50 years-which I can easily believe. First it snows for a day, then melts a bit, then it rains for a while. It boils down to the fact that we are walking in slush all day and it's ice at night.

From your letter you seem to have had quite a quiet Xmas this year. Let's hope it's a little different next.

Well my dear ones I can think of nought more to say for the present so after writing a letter to the Cases I shall be away to the land of the Hun.

All my love,


I cannot think of any cousin I should be expecting. There's too many to choose from.

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