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Date: September 8th 1944
Mother & Father

Sep. 8/44

Dear Folks,

I'm taking for granted that you are in Wadena by now and this will reach you O.K. by that address. I'm still convalescing at Harewood House but expect to be out in another week or so. My leg is coming along pretty good but there is still fluid on the knee and the muscles in the thigh are very flabby. I'm afraid the fluid may make my leg weak for quite awhile. As this is a very beautiful spot we do a lot of walking around but I'm only good for about a mile as my leg starts to ache.

There is a pilot here who used to fly us around at Paulson, when I was stationed there. His name is Don Sandison and we expect to go on leave together if possible. He was having trouble with his kidneys.

I was back on the squadron for last weekend and met all the boys. My crew are still going strong with 20 trips in. I also got quite a few letters and a couple of parcels-one from you and one from cases. Do you still send 300 cigs. a month? I have only received two cartons from you but luckily enough I have very seldom been without them.

I was at Church last Sunday for the first time in many months. It was an old English church of course made of stone, and cold as a barn. I don't believe I'll be going again though as I don't go for their singing and procedure-although it was a very good sermon.

Do you remember me telling you about Bill Thomson? He and another bloke, Sandy Hayes, Wally and myself have been together since Halifax. They visited another family in Barrowford while Wally and I visited Hawksworth's. Well anyway Bill went missing on his first trip about three months ago and is now back in England in hospital. He was injured when he baled out when they were shot down, captured and put in hospital. The Macquies took over the hospital and Bill was brought back to this country.

Well Folks that's all the news for now so will sign off with all my love.


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Original Scans