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Date: April 19th 1944

New Westminster B.C.
April 19, 1944

My Dear Son,

Well it is about time that I tried to drop you a few lines to let you know that we are well & carring on in the same old way. There isent much happening around here, things just moving along, & we are waiting, hoping & praying for this war to end, so we can have you back home again it seems years since you left, & we miss you more every day. Havent had a letter from you this week, but I am not complaining, because you have been so go at writing. Of course I am not meaning that I dont miss them because I do, however I know I will get one real soon.

Ruth is still on night shift but will go on days next week, & than we are going to plant our garden. the weather has been so cold that there isent much use putting it in yet but cold or not the grass needs cutting & I feel like saying (Jack how about it) would you rather be flying around in one of those planes or cutting grass?

Ruth had a letter from Norman & I guess he is ready to take after the Japs by now or at least his letter said active & was censored.

Had a letter from Mary & she seems to like her new home, but I guess she had quite a time with the young ones on her way up. she was telling me that Frank calls & to see her so I guess he must be up that way working havent been home since dads birthday so dont know whats going on over there.

I think I told you that Margaret Joffcoat is engaged, well her boy friend has been called up & leaves next week for Edmonton, he has joined the Air Force.

Have you seen Gene yet? don't let him lead you astray, always be the same good boy that you were when you left home. Oh but I know that you ill. Aunt Bess hasent had the operation yet, but I guess she will soon, at least she should. Mrs. Gardner was in today & sends best regards I suppose you know that Elvas husband is in the Air Force. Must close with all my love Mom.

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