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Date: February 19th 1943
Sis & Mom

February 19/43

Dearest Jack,

Well here is yo big sister again, with a little bit of joy for your sweet heart. Mum and I packed your parcel today, just a few little things toe at. Aunt Bess made the toffee so you should enjoy that because she's pretty good at it. I bought a box of chocolates but we thought it best to send them a few at a time rather than all at once. Today I was down town and bought you a pair of brown tweeds and a sports shirt. The pants are the nicest they had at least I thought so. No drapes or pleats but they do have a zipper. Mom got a super leather jacket which is brown also. The shirt is a cream colour so it ought to make rather a nice outfit. We won't be able to send them all at once so don't be too impatient. In case you don't know I guess you won't be seeing Norm. He is off to India or Egypt or something like that. Mal sent me a letter and is raving about how happy he is to get some mail it is the first they've had in 2 ½ months. Poor kids its kind of a shame. I've finished my dancing lessons and am ready for anything they want to give. Was it ever fun. We have class practice on Fridays when all the students get together for a little jam session. Please excuse no paragraph's but it leaves more room. Mary & Curt have been over for two weeks. They just got word that they are being moved to Bella Bella and are they ever in a dither. Looks like a lot of work for them what with moving all the junk and kids. Its an advancement for Curt with a raise and all the rest of it. Ah yes! Its Mom's birthday on Monday and so I got her a canary, she doesn't know it yet as it is only Saturday but I think maybe she will be pleased because she always wanted a nice one. We've sure been having some super weather this month, almost like summer. We had quite a snowfall last Sunday but believe it or not it didn't rain afterwards. Aunt Florence and Uncle Bert are having a party for Mary & Curt tonight but drat the luck, I have to work. Oh well only one more week and it will mean days again, for a while at least. You were asking about records, well so far I only bought one. It's a Crosby number - Danny Boy and I'll be home for Christmas its really a nice recording. Well kiddo its almost time to be off to work and am also running rather short of paper. So will say goodbye for now.

Lots of love & luck

Sis & Mum

P.S. Barney wrote me a letter don't forget to say hello if you see him.

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Original Scans