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Date: February 28th 1944

New Westminster B.C.

Feb.28, 1944

My Dear Son,

Received two letters from you today. Am feeling quite worried because you have not received our letters both Ruth & I have written often, but guess they will catch up with you sometime before long. Aunt Bess & Aunt Peg have also written to you, but guess you have not received this either.

I told you in my last letter that Mary & Curt went back to Bamfield to pack, was expecting them back tonight, but guess they are not coming as it is getting late.

Have had an awful time as the baby has been sick & then on top of that Fred came down with chicken pocks & have been going night and day with the two of them.

Ruth has gone bowling tonight she is on the Boeing team, and plays once a week. I hear there is to be three hundred laid off at Boeing's as there is no new contracts, so it looks as though they expect the end of the war here's hoping that is the case.

I had a woman call on me the other day she said her son had seen you when he arrived in England, his name is Stewart, dont know his first name but he is in the ground crew. she said he had often come here when you were home but I cant seem to place him at all, but if you see him again say hello for me & tell him that his mother called. It is nice that you have some one from home close to you.

Ruth wrote a letter to Gene last night hope he gets it. I guess you havent seen him yet at least you have not said anything about it. Ruth gave me a canary for my birthday and we have an awful time with the cat he tried every way he can to sneak into the room, we have to keep the door to the dinner room closed all the time the cat is in the house. We call the bird so. so. I guess you will know who that is for.

Havent seen anything of Myrtle for quite a long time but as soon as Mary is settled & I have time will get around to seeing them again.

Do you need any money if so will send it right away so be sure & let me know.

Will be sending a parcel the first of the month hope you have received the others we have sent. I told Mary if they had any peanut butter at Bamfield to bring some back as I wanted to send some to you. Will close now with all my love.


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