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Date: February 29th 1944

February 29, 1944

Dearest Brother

Gosh kid can't understand why you havn't received any letters. Made me feel kind of blue to think you weren't having a bit of love and cheer from home. We've been getting scads and scads of them from you and it sure is wonderful to know you are thinking of us a lot because we think of you all the time. I didn't say all the time for you because I know there is a certain little gal that occupies a lot of your spare time in thoughts of course. I had two letters from Norm yesterday and as yet don't know where he's going he's still on the water but that's all I could find out because they sure are strictly censored no kidding - Well today I am quite happy we are finally back on day shift and able to get out for a bit of honest wolfing. Of course it doesn't amount to much because there are no men to wolf. We really are in a bad way. Can you imagine tonight is the Sadie Hawkins dance at the Commodore and I couldn't even find one unattached man to invite. Guess that's enough of my woes for tonight. Rather petty aren't they. Say you were telling us about Harold Wesley, well the girl that rides in our car is his wifes sister. I made a break today but she was anxious to get your address so I suppose you will be getting a letter from her. I was up at Hildas last night and you would have laughed if you could have seen Stan and Strug. Both were in there first issue uniforms and were they ever a sight (Navy Stuff). I hope everything is okay with Gene. I wrote him a letter last night. Guess he doesn't get much mail from home. Mary is sitting here gassing away on the phone. She just got back from Bamfield. She just finished writing too so I guess you know all the family news including Freds chickenpox. Sorta running out of paper cutie pie so bye for now.

Love & Kisses Ruth.

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