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Date: June 16th 1944

June 16, 1944

Dearest Jack

Heres your little old kid sister again. I guess its about time I decided to drop you a line, must be getting lazy in my old age. The truth is though I've been on my holidays and Mal has been out here for a week. Really it was quite exciting to here all the real low down on battles and convoys etc. Hes been on a Corvette and they have enemy aircraft and sub to there credit and has he ever changed. Remember how quiet he use to be, well that's all gone now. He's just like one of the gang barging around. Say talk about romantic guess some of those Irish and Scotch gals must have showed him a few tricks. Boy oh boy, he's for me. We did old Vancity proper didn't miss a thing except the night clubs. Just can't get the slug to a dance. We havn't had a letter from you for ages and ages. Guess it must be the Invasion, pretty grim luck. You'll really be browned off by now little chum - don't forget to look after yourself. Mail from Gene and Norm has been coming through o.k. I was at the dentist last week and he pulled two of my precious teeth. Talk about the miseries I sure had them. As a matter of fact I couldn't even kiss Mal goodbye let alone go down to the station when he left. Think that made me feel worse than anything. Mum is at the store now and its sure lonesome around the house. Guess it will be a change to get back to work alright. Mary has written several letters saying the kids have been sick poor things have been that way ever since they arrived at Bella Bella. Melba is coming out tomorrow to spend a couple of days so that should break the monotony for awhile anyhoo. Theres not a heck of a lot to say in a letter except war news but I guess you get pretty fed up on that. Yep there was rather an amusing incident happened at least it seems that way now but not at the time. I've been keeping company with a Chief Petty Officer from one of the Flat Tops. It is happened he was away in Seattle the time Mal arrived so I just kept my fingers crossed and hoped for the best. Low and behold if I didn't get a call from Victoria a couple of days later (on a Sunday) and Jerry says "get set to do the town because I'll be in tomorrow". My heart just about zoomed out of my feet (cause that's where it was). After all my careful planning I had to tell Mal anyway. So next day (Monday) I trots down to you boat but no Jerry. While I was out he had phoned Mom again and said his leave was cancelled cause the ship was leaving. NO sooner got home than he phones again and asks me to meet him in Victoria you could have knocked me over with a feather. Just goes to show you all men are wolves. So ended another romance I'm going to have to put black marks on my wall pretty soon. Well kiddo that's all my woes for now. Be good and write soon.

Love Ruth

P.S. We are all fine including Jeep & SoSo

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