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Date: March 6th 1944

March 6, 1944

My dear Brother -

Gosh honey chill you sure made Mom and I feel awful today. We got your little letter bawling us out, but so help me we cant figure it out. We've mailed you four parcels and gosh knows how many letters. I've done at least two a week and I know Mum has done about the same and you should have them unless somebody is slipping up some place.

I just got in from the bowling alley and did the game ever go lousy tonight everyone was down in the low hundreds.

All the family are in bed including the babies. Boy are they a handful. You should see Bobbie gosh he is a darling. Its awfully hard to get to know him but once he takes a liking to you its really solidly set.

Saturday night we went to a dance at the "Y" it was awful so we went home early (11:30) and played black jack until four-thirty in the morning. This shift was supposed to be good but somehow everything has turned out wrong.

Guess what chum. I had a letter from Norm today and he's in Bombay India. Is he ever getting around. Seems to like the type of women they have over there too.

I've written to Gene so if this gets to you before his does don't forget to say hello and tell him he has a letter coming up soon. You'll probably get all of yours in a pile and spent the next 8 or 9 months wading through them. At least I certainly hope that is what will happen - for your sake - and ours too - because Mums heart would break if she didn't hear from you - mine too. Well honey be good and don't fret too much because it must be someplace.

Love & kisses Ruth.

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