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Date: March 14th 1944

March 14, 1944

My Dear Brother,

Well old dear by the time you get this I hoe you will have received all the other plus the parcel we sent today - as you probably know Mary has been down for a month, they were all set to leave this coming Friday but Bobby broke out with the chicken pox or chicken fox as Skippie calls them. Fred is all over his little siege and know we expect Skip to get them in couple of weeks. There is not an awful lot cooking around here so am at rather a loss as to what to say. We were out to a dance last Saturday and really wooped it up. By the by did I tell you that Strug and Stan are now honoured members of the Royal Canadian Navy a laugh huh! Norm is in Bombay India good for the old scout - gosh have I ever been getting the letters from him and I sure enjoy it, hes about the only one that ever writes to me now except for the occasional one from Gene and its darn good to hear from him too. You would laugh to hear some of Norms's experiences on the ship going over. Seems he couldn't get use to the hammocks and the heavy seas got sea sick and all the rest of it. I was rather surprised when Gene told me all about the bombing raid over Germany. I didn't think the censor would let that stuff get through. Guess you didn't hear about the big lay offs they've been having at Boeings really ad me shaking in my boots for awhile. There are no fellow left now. Old H. Shirley called them all up in his office and kicked every last one of them out to join the army. Most of the gals got a good laugh out of it because have of them were so scared they actually turned green around the gils. We've been having some of the grandest weather for about three weeks now. Nice warm sunshiny days and swell moonlight nights you know the good old spoonin' kind we have in B.C. We've been making plans for our holidays already and this time we've got something solid. A bunch of us are driving up through the Cariboo on a hunting trip. The only thing that bothers me is where am I going to get a .303 rifle. I'm already in a rifle club but we can only use .22's which isn't much good for hunting. Sorry honey - running rather short of paper - be good and please write soon.

Love & kisses Ruth

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