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Date: March 16th 1944

March 16, 1944

Dear Jack: -

Hi Handsome. Here I am again. I was very glad to receive a letter from you to-day and here I am answering it all ready.

Us kids all got our proofs back from the photographers and you should see mine. They're gruesome. I'm spending all my spare time trying to decide which one is the worst. What a job.

I received a letter from Virgil to-day too. He's at Lachine, Quebec now. He asked if I had heard from you lately. He said that if all goes well he may be seeing you in a month or so.

We had our roller skating party last Tuesday night. It was terribly crowded but a lot of fun. I think I would rather stick to ice-skating. At least you can hear yourself think there.

You should hear the queer noises that escape from the music room lately. You would probably think it was Mr. Mallett dissecting another cat but its not, its just the kids practicing for the operetta. All kidding aside it ought to be pretty good. The operetta I mean. It's being held on the 24th and 25th.

Dick was home on leave for a couple of days at the time or the Conference. Isabel Adams wasn't sure that he would be home on leave so she asked Bill Lewarne to go to the dance with her. Then she found out that Dick was coming home. So, I, playing the role of sucker again, kinda told Bill for Isabel and then Ella MacDonald asked Bill to go. Well, Bill didn't appreciate it at all and he hasn't hardly spoken to me since. Also Doug got mad, maybe not for just that, but anyways he did. That's what I get for doing a good turn for someone. Never again. Next time I'll let them do their own work, dirty or otherwise. I don't care so much about bill, 'cause he never was exactly nuts over me nor me over him, but as for Dough. Well---but that's the way it goes. I guess maybe I'd better get off the subject of my love troubles.

We finally had our game (hockey) with the staff. Of course we won & the score was 2-1. It was a pretty good game.

Gee, whiz, a week to-night and I will be seventeen. Well, what do you know? I'm getting to be an old woman.

Here's a little joke, ahem-when does the navy's trouble begin? Answer-When the waves swell. - Isn't that shocking? I think so too.

Well I reckon I had better close about now so I'll be hearing from you.

Dot (Conchita)

P.S. Please don't say anything to Doug as maybe I got the wrong impression. Thank you.

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