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Date: March 17th 1944

New Westminster B.C.

March 17, 1944

(Hope you have received some of the parcels by this time)

Dear Son,

Received four letters from you on Thursday & one yesterday, so you see things are beginning to catch up. Hope by this time you are getting some mail from home. Aunt Bess also got a letter yesterday & she was very pleased. Emil laughed at her for sending you the dollar said you wouldent be able to use it until you got home.

Mary & the kids are still here don't think they will be able to leave for a couple of weeks yet as Skip & the baby have the chicken pox and you should see the house can't hardly move around in it. Everything pulled out of place, but than I suppose that is typical of kids.

Am very pleased that you are taking a course in something, you dident say what it was but anyway it must be something you like & that is a fine spirit and when you come home you will have a nice nest egg, so you can continue your study.

Was talking to Bill Bradshaw last Saturday he tells me that the school football team has won two & lost one but however he is going to write & give you the news on that. I hear that they will not let any individual send papers to you boys over there, so will have to go to the Sun office & have it sent from there, or at least get the office low down on it.

Mrs. McLeod has given me her neice's address to send to you so you can look her up, you say you do not like the English, don't be like that son, because you know there is good & bad in all nationalities & you know that you have to live over there until the war is over & it is better to have the good will of the people than the bad.

Did Ruth tell you that Wilkinson head of the forrest Wardens, he resigned from that branch & has bought a ranch up in the Cariboo, Bill Myring was here & said he has been on a spree as he is the proud father of a son, I think that is the second child.

Mary is waiting to post this so will have to close now with all my love


Here is the address

Cpl. D. MacDonald 447561
179 Glenesh Rd.
Ettham Park
London, S.E.9.

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